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No Pun Intended

In Machine Learning, being able to calculate distances is essential in a lot of cases. The most obvious use for it is when dealing with spatial data, but it also is one of the easiest ways to assess membership/similarity in supervised and unsupervised techniques. …

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Focussing your efforts to understand the bigger picture

Imagine you want to know which candidate will win the next election. Ideally, you conduct a census, and you ask every single person in the country up to two questions:

  • Will you vote next elections? And if the answer is yes:
  • Who are you voting for?

You expect some people…

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Recursive Functions in Python

You might not realise this, but recursions are very common. A lot of well-known acronyms are recursive, for example:

  • Do you know what VISA (as in the VISA card in your wallet) stands for? It is the acronym for “Visa International Service Association”.
  • Maybe you are familiar with YAML files…

Antoine Ghilissen

Data Scientist

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